Thursday, September 24, 2009

Life as a coffee

A group of alumni,

highly established in their careers,

got together to visit

their old university Professor.

Conversation soon turned

into complaints about

stress in work

and life.

Offering his guests coffee,

the Prof. went to the kitchen

and returned

with a large pot of coffee

and an assortment of cups..




some plain-looking

and some expensive

and exquisite,

telling them
to help themselves to hot coffee.

When all the students

had a cup of coffee in hand,

the Prof. said

"If you noticed,

all the nice-looking,

expensive cups were taken up,

leaving behind

the plain and cheap ones.

While it is but normal for you

to want only the best for yourselves,

that is the source of your problems

and stress.

That all of you really wanted

was coffee,

not the cup,

but you consciously

went for the better cups

and are eyeing

each other's cups."


if Life is coffee,

then the jobs,

money and position in society

are the cups.

They are just tools to hold

and contain Life,

but the quality of Life doesn't change.


by concentrating only on the cup,

we fail to enjoy

the coffee in it."

So friend,

don't let the cups drive you...

enjoy the coffee instead.

p/s: love life as it is, not as u want it : )


maryam hadi said...

uhuuhh.terase selama ni slalooo memilih.hihi

nice story,duha.

Dr Amad said...

gambar jiwunk

duha said...

maryam- mmg kita sbg manusia selalu memilih n nak yg terbaik..cuma kadang2 kita terlalu memilih sampai kurang bersyukur dengan apa yg Allah dah bagi..

kita masih kena belajar cara bersyukur yang terbaik.. :)


duha said...

Dr Amad- love is beautiful~ lalla~ jiwang je tau..tu kopi laa

joegrimjow said...

top notch!!

SivGal said...

hi duha...selamat hari raya, maaf zahir batin...:)
(sorry wishing u late)

its a very nice remiinder for every1...well said!!!
Indeed, I always say that life is like coffee because if we drink it at once,we only its bad taste.
if we drink it sip by sip than only can feel the also like that.

im coming bc to bdg around.

~*puding caramel*~ said...

nak cawan ceramic yang kosong tapi ade line sikit kat tepi.. yang simple je. tapi susah pecah. coffee..indocafe. yang 3 in one ok juga. tihihi

duha said...

joegromjow-thanks~ application is more important than theory.. :)

sivgal-hi~ :)
well, better late than never..thanks sbb igt jugak nak wish..hehe..

erm..hope to see u soon insyaAllah..

pudding-erkk..adakah anda terlalu memilih? sila baca artikel sekali lagi :p