Wednesday, February 2, 2011

why do people feel ticklish?

just now we're discussing about tickles,
and thus just wanted to share an article..

moga ada ilmu baru yang kita temukan setiap hari~


Being ticklish is a complicated trait rooted in our evolutionary past.
Scientists suggest that being ticklish
is our defense against creepy crawlies
like spiders and bugs,
a physiological response alerting us to a specific type of threat.

That is why vulnerable parts of our bodies
like feet, chest, and armpits, are among the most ticklish.

While there is no question that being ticklish is neurological,
scientists contend that it is also learned.

One theory sees ticklishness
as a personality-based response to perceived attack.

Antsy folks may laugh uncontrollably at the lightest touch,
or even without being touched at all,
while folks made of sterner stuff
won't budge during more aggressive tickle attacks.

If you close your eyes
and try to remain calm while you are tickled,
you can decrease panic,
reduce giggles,
and dull sensation.

And, no matter how hard you try,
it is nearly impossible to tickle yourself.

Tickling satisfies our human need to touch.
Robert R. Provine, a professor of neuroscience and author of Quest for Laughter,
sees the tickle as a form of communication
between friends,
and lovers
Playing a key role in the evolution of social and sexual behavior.

He points to chimps tickling each other during play,
parents tickling little kids,
and lovers tickling each other affectionately.

"If you think the social component is not important,"
Provine says,

"Try tickling a stranger."

p/s: saya sangat penggeli, tapi itu self defense mechanism kan, jadi takpelah :)

p/s2: no wonder i also felt 'threatened' when i saw some creepy crawlies, esp roaches!


as-syahir said...

haha...memang kena ngan akak..:)

Anonymous said...

mana lagi geli, lipas ke lipan??

duha said...

as-syahir- heh :p

duha said...

anony-lipas..lipan menakutkan sbb bahaya, bukan geli..

Anonymous said...

ye ke... tp sy lg geli lipan sbb kaki dia bnyk sgt..hahaha...

iluvislam said...


*Orang yang suka geletek, tapi tak tahan jugak digeletek*


iluvislam said...

alamak2 salah guna akaunn


duha said...

ummufurqan-kantoi~ :p

eh,,siapa yg suka geletek? not me~