Monday, September 19, 2011

to think whether have i failed or not
and to get stress
then to stop my routine cheerful life
is not an option..

they are the one who should stop
and respect others..

p/s: dekatkan diri padaNya, kerana dialah solusi bagi setiap perkara. banyakkan amal ibadah, kuatkan ikatan diri denganNya..itulah jalan untuk menyelesaikannya..anda yakin?

p/s2: i've wished to be normal for so many times, leading a happy simple life..but life is not about this dunya isn't's about your akhirah..and only extraordinary ppl will get the best why be normal?


as-syahir said...

you should not be normal. umat Islam mesti HEBAT! ;)

be strong ye kak. i'll be here by your side, insyaAllah.

duha said...

syera- :)

thanks syera..i know u will~
yuk sama2 jd kuat!

ummufurqan said...

Bila baca ni tadi.. ingatkan sue yg tulis (sbb bukak dua2 blog serentak)

Do you lead a routine cheerful life?

p.s: u shouldn't stop. we must always get better.ok???

Anonymous said...

"Do not let your difficulties fill you with anxiety after all, it is only in the darkest nights that the stars shine more brilliantly." {Ali Ibn Abi Talib r.a}"

duha said...


why do u ask that? not cheerful enough eh? it's ok, i think it's enough for me..huhu..

p/s:thanks...getting better~

duha said...

anony-thanks.. :D

stronger i will be insyaAllah~

ummufurqan said...

saje je tanya;p

xpe..everything shud be in moderation..hmm~