Friday, November 25, 2011


somebody really made my day :)

i was walking alone
heading to campus,
when suddenly,
i saw someone walking from the opposite direction towards me..

from a far,
i can tell that the person seems nice..

we exchanged smiles
and as the person pass by me,
she says

she didnt look at me but i saw the smile on her face

and i replied..
waalaikumussalam warahmatullah
making sure she heard..

i'm not sure why,
eventhough that word is heard daily in my life,
that word just made my heart filled with love..

how true what the prophet have said,
that by giving salams,
bonds between people are created and strengthen insyaAllah..

even i didnt know who she was..
eventhough we're from different country and race,
but i felt her presence strongly in my heart!

and i regretted..
if only i'm the one who give the salam first!

p/s: tebarkanlah salam antara kita~ especially pada mereka yang kita tak kenal!

p/s2: peace be upon you!


Isyraf Imrani said...

inilah istimewanya Islam :)

duha said...

isyraf- :) islam itu sgt istimewa, moga kita terus diberi keteguhan hati untuk merasai kenikmatan tersebut insyaAllah..btw, walaupun SPM dah nak hbes, all the best! moga Allah permudahkan urusan nta :)