Thursday, December 22, 2011

thanks ya Allah!

Alhamdulillah ya Allah,

u really know how to made my day..

some people said that i looked more cheerful
or even "berseri" yesterday and today..

yeah, the news just broke out..

dear friends, sisters and brothers..
not that i looked happy because of the news,
but how people are happy for me that really made me happy :)

people keep on wishing and praying good things for us..

a normal person i am..
that i dont think i actually deserve these kind of reactions..

no kings or queens wishes me,
neither the PM nor any popular guys and girls..

but Alhamdulillah,
He gave me the best moment in life..

the one who wishes and give prayers for me
are the one who i really waited and wanted to receive the wishes from..
that what makes me REALLY happy

ya Allah,
sorry for all the mistakes i've done,
whether conciously or not,

despite all the mistakes,
You still give me good freinds,
good sisters and brothers
good surrounding
that supports and cheer me up :)

you are Ar-Rahman and Ar-Rahim!

p/s: thanks to all, even some of u said that the news made ur day, but actually u guys made mine the best :)

p/s2: pray for us, as this is only the beginning..

p/s3: going home tomorrow, cant wait to meet my new sister!

p/s4: Alhamdulillah, minor thesis draft had been submitted, anxiously and nervously waiting for final exam and "sidang"

p/s5: i'll scan the card and post it another time..


farah liana said...

yey alhamdulillah! unexpected betul..heee tumpang hepi untuk korang :D

duha said...

farah liana-hehe..thanks :D

unexpected eh? ramai jugak yg shock..huhu

tapi takpelah, smua tu dah tertulis sejak awal ^__^

as-syahir said...

im happy for u, tapi sy sedih pas ni da xle kacau akak sgt...:'(

nway, barakAllah. semoga misi dan visi akak tercapai dengan keputusan ini. ^_____________^

p/s: nak ikut jejak langkah akak, tapi xnak bg suspen sgt cam akak bole kan?;)

duha said...

syera-thanks :)

siapa kata takleh kacau dah? nnt akak yg kacau syera..huhu..

amiin insyaAllah~ doakan ye!

p/s: haha..takde la suspen sgt pun kan..insyaAllah, akak doakan Allah akan berikan pd syera jgk pd waktu dan kondisi yang tepat! ^__^

TC dear~

smile said...

duha nak kad :P
haikal ckp mintak kat duha :)
tp mmg sgt excited la dat day!! hehe
ur news made our day too :)

duha said...

smile- hehe..insyaAllah nnt duha bg :D

thanks! syg kalian~

iamme said...

^_^ can't stop feeling happy for you dear!!! :)

p.s; will we be neighbours nanti ke?

duha said...

iamme-hehe..thanks dear!~

well, i'm not sure yet, but bilik su bilik i akan jd neighbour jugak la :p haha