Saturday, October 23, 2010

updated info about planner IMAN 2011

introducing another great product from IMAN,

PLANNER 2011~!!

promotion has been made before this,
this is just some additional info and covers of the planner.

we made this planner

and comes in handy
order to make it
more user friendly.

we include the
list of contact person
such as student council,
Bale Padjadjaran,
and so on..

since most of us studying in english,
so we made this planner
in english. :D

we include also the
reference for each faculty
which are the general human anatomy,
common abbreviation used in
and the anatomy of teeth .

there's also Quran verses
that state science exist in our life and the statement from the researcher
that proves it was right.
amazing right?

there are lotssssaa Quran verses that state the
science theories,
but some of them is still controversial among the scientist.

subhanallah,"sesungguhnya ilmu manusia itu terbatas"

among scientist that has been mentioned here is the Prof Keith Moore.
Who is he?
He is the author of our The Developing Human,Clinically Oriented Embryology.
as a science stream student,it feels great to read more about this right?

The cover,
we made 6 colors for the buyers to choose.
We are consumers too,
so we do understand that all of us have different taste when it comes to favorite colors. :D

we do also include "waktu solat" for whole year for 2011.
so we can refer the table anytime.

"mutabaah ibadah" also been inserted for every month
to help us evaluate ourselves.

this planner also has the notes column,
so instead of planning on the date here and there,
we can also write extra notes in this column.

ok,lets check this out~!!
picture speaks thousand words
these are the covers,we have 6 different colors







feel free to choose one!

p/s: dicuri dr blog IMAN, with few edittings..just few je..hehhe
p/s2: more info sila ke blog IMAN..tq!


kak wana said...

Salam my lovely sis... kalau akk nak, camne?... mahu juga... (^_^)

duha said...

kak wana- waalaikumussalam :)
erm..untuk sahabat2 kat Malaysia iA boleh buat tempahan jg and kami boleh poskan..harga RM15 tak termasuk posting..nak tempah byk2 trus pun boleh..apa2 btau lah ye..

syuhadah said...

kak kuha..saya nak jgakkkkkkkk..lalala~