Monday, February 16, 2009


maybe right now, i'm more convinced that indonesia is really a place for me..
since i was young, i really wanted to try to live in hardship..
mungkin takdelah hidup melarat
but i wanted to try and live in places like 'kawasan perkampungan or pedalaman'..
near a paddy field
or even in the jungle (i love animals..hehhe)
far from the city,which makes me tired everytime i look at it's hectic lifestyle..
nampak tenangkan?

eventhough there's no snows here like in UK or Jordan,
no pyramid here like in egypt,
no Mahatma Gandhi like in India (O_0 ??)
no delicious foods, ummi n abah like in Malaysia..
but it's ok
(insyaAllah there're still time for that in the future..)
but most importantly,i get to learn the lifestyle of people in Indonesia..
yang berusaha untuk hidup dalam kesusahan
Alhamdulillah,since i was here
i think i've become more independent..
i've tried to do so many things on my own..
takdelah semua bergantung kat mak ayah je..
seronok jugak berdikari ni rupanya :)

At Jatinangor,Bandung.. pelbagai ragam manusia dapat dilihat..
most of (sundanese) people is very polite..
and some are very kind-hearted..
especially those who live kat dalam2 sket..
eventhough there're some of their behaviour that is annoying..
but actually to take it positively..this is the chance and opportunity for me to get to know
and learn about other ethnic and cultures..

Allah the Almighty have said
"O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another.."

most of people here live in hardships..
they have to go out early in the morning and work hard
to gain money..
sometimes they even have to sell things that for me,
it is not worth buying..
even the cleaner here in my hostel work extra hard..
they'll clean and mop the same spot every few hours..
to make sure there're no stain on the floor or window..

they seems to be working 24-7

terlintas jugak "ape laa a'a/kang(abg) ni buat, dari tadi dok mop situ je.. tadikan dah mop da.."
they even clean 'celah-celah jubin lantai tu'

but maybe due to high competition to get jobs here..
they have to be like that..
if not, they'll lose their source of money..
but i felt very sorry for them sometimes as they are working like slaves..
but they are not paid high enough..

well, that's life..
(i guess i need to be more hardworking like them)

last friday, a program called embryo 'enlighten ur mind,body,spirit and soul' conducted by DKM (dewan keluarga masjid) Asy-Syifa' was being held in Subang (about 2 hours from UNPAD) for three days and 2 nights..

sangat best!

lots of interesting activities had been done..
i think this is the first time i joined a really 'islamic' camping-like program
since i last leave my high school..(miss those times)

we leave UNPAD at 8.30+pm and reach pesantren Asy-Syifa' ( FYI there's no relation between this pesantren and DKM Asy-Syifa' eventhough they have the same name) at 11+ pm..
the transportation is what they called as TRONTON..
(macam lori askar laa)
and even the drivers are wearing soldiers uniform..
we end up reaching the pesantren with aches all over the body..
i didnt even sleep through the whole journey..
i prefer to 'perhatikan keadaan sekeliling' along the trip
rather than sleep..
this is an experience i don't think i can get in Malaysia..
-->naik lori askar..haha..best2..

the next morning, Alhamdulillah we woke up at 3 am for tahajud prayer,
subuh prayer,mentoring(usrah) and a lil bit of excercise..
then we start our first activity that is BP and BAKSOS

BP stands for balai we are given the chance to meet real patients and help the doctor to take their infos (anamneses) and do simple test like taking blood pressure, blood grouping,pulse rate,respiratory rate etc..we're also allowed to see the process of circumsission (berkhitan)..

BAKSOS is not bakso+sos but it stands for bakti sosial..selling 2nd hand clothes and outfits at a very low prices..VERY low price..u can get a shirt only for RP1K..well..that's what we call as 'berbakti' rite? urm..there're also distribution of food among the villagers there..

in surah Al-An'am Allah Taala said..
"Whoever comes [on the Day of Judgement] with a good deed will have ten times the like thereof [to his credit], and whoever comes with an evil deed will not be recompensed except the like thereof, and they will not be wronged"

During the nite,we had a session with KOAS (5th and 6th year medical student)..
lots of things are shared and Alhamdulillah everything was correlated with islam..
thanks to our seniors for sharing their experience and for giving many tips to us
(eventhough i admit sleeping during the program..but not through out the prog though..hehhe)

the next morning, we had 'zikrul maut'..i'm a lil bit dissapointed as the session was too short
and the place are quite 'tak sesuai'..but Alhamdulillah i gain something from that activity..insyaAllah

at 7 am..we went to curug (waterfall) for a game..i think this is the best experience i have ever had..because we went there also using a lorry as transportation, but this's better than
the tronton..hehe..maybe in malaysia this lorry is just used to carry cows and goats..
but here, instead of a cow or goats, we're the one who were carried in it..hehhe
(now i know how cows and goats felt while boarding the lorry..haha) the journey took about 45 mins..the activity ended after asar and we head back to the pesantren to pack our belongings..

we reached UNPAD at 10 +pm..and i reached my bed around 10 mins after that..hehhe..tired~
well, this kind of program should be done more frequently, coz we as a medical student need, not just the knowledge on how to be a good doctor but also the knowledge how to be a good muslim doctor..

next embryo insyaAllah nak join lagi :D
but i wanted to be a 'leader' next time..not just a 'learner'

well, this article is typewritten in english just to polish up my english's dusty enough rite plz ignore all the grammar or whatever error related to my english..don't perform any spell-check ok..hehhe..tq2..

p/s: anyone nak wat kelas english n base arab plz tell me..heh..kelas bahase sunda pun perlu jugak!

gamba-gamba embryo nanti akan dipamerkan iA..yg nak boleh mintak ye.. :D


sinar_islami said...

cheer up your life where ever you are::

Pyramid ada depan mata pun bukan p sllu :)

slm ukhwah dari ardul kinanah

mysterious_musafir said...

assalamualaikum. hehe, memang lori askar pon. Best ek? hmm..malam zikrul maut tu patutnya wat kat kubur, tp org xleh bgn,hehe, penat sgt kot. neway, semoga mendapat manfaat!! hik hik hik

duha said...

sinar_islami-hehhe..mmg takleh gi slalu..kang asek dok dpan pyramid je, nak gi kuliahnye cmne :p ..erm..moga kita dpt manfaatkan tpt belajar kita tak kirelah di mane2 pn dengan sebaiknye..insyaAllah..
slm ukhuwwah jg :)

mysterious_musafir-waalaikumussalam..heh..best2 lori askar tuh..kalau kat mlysia slalu tgk je..tak dpt naik an..tu yg best tuh..:D erm..pasal zikrul maut tuh..mmg dah terbayang2 nak kne letak tepi kubur da..sbb pnah kene n kenekan org kat skola dlu..hehhe..tapi time kot.hee~ haa..lagi satu..time dlm aula tuh..da prepare da nak dengar jeritan SAKARATUL MAUUUUUUT!! sekali takde an..heh..patutnye tu wajib ade..mmg menggugurkan jantung2 manusia yg mendengar.. :)
but whatever it laa prog die..

Dr Amad said...

Tidak sia-sia ayah Duha suruh belajar disinikan...awal-awal lagi saya dah pesan ke Duha,disini banyak hal yang boleh kita belajar...

"Ini serius" (dalam nada wonderpet)

duha said...

Dr Amad- ye..insyaAllah tak sie2..btul..banyak perkara yg boleh dipelajari kat sini..n rs rugi kalau tak amik peluang n just duduk dlm bilik study je..nnt insyaAllah blk msia hbes study nnt tade laa tak tau pape psl indonesia kan..baik dok msia je kalau gitu..hehe..

eh..w0pnderpet pun serius ke? :p

Bella Billa said...

hmm..tak tau gak nk ckp per..kte dh share dh kn keseronokkan kite time embryo II ari tu kn..huuu.. Hopefully taun dpn, kite blh jd tulang blakang progrm tu plak ek! Then, dzikrul maut kte wat kt kuburan..huu..

duha said...

bella billa- tapi sblum ltak org kat kubur..duha nk ltak bella dlu kat kubur..pastu make sure pnuh katak..haha..sure jerit2 bella..tu yg bes tuh :p

insyaAllah kite join lg prog2 sebegini ye :)