Saturday, May 30, 2009

Success in unity

lets learn from this valuable story..

it's a fact..
and we must learn from it..

success of a farmer...

there was a farmer who grew superior quality
and award-winning corn in his farm

each year,
he entered his corn into the state fair..
where the corn will won honours and prizes..

one year,
a newspaper reporter interviewed him
and learned something interesting about
how he grew his corn..

the reporter discovered that
the farmer shared his corn's seeds with his neighbour

"how can you afford to share your best seed corn with others, when they are also participating in the competition along with yours each year? "
the reporter asked..

"why bother?"

the farmer replied..

"didn't you know?..
the wind picks up pollen grain from the ripening corn
and swirls it from field to field..
if my neighbours grow inferior, sub-standard and poor quality corn..
cross pollination will degrade the quality of my corn..
if i have to grow good corns..
i must help my neighbours to grow good corn too..

the farmer gave a superb insight
into the connections in life..

his corn cannot improve
unless his neighbours' corns also improves..

those who choose to be in harmony
must help their neighbours and their colleagues to be at peace..
those who choose to live wellmust help others to live well too..

the value of life is measured by the lives it touches..

success does not happen in isolation..
it is most often a participatory and collective process..

share the good practices, ideas and new knowledges
with your family, friends, team members, neighbours and all..

as they say,
success breed success..

p/s: nice story rite? very motivational~ :)

p/s2: ten ideas are good, but one idea put into practice is better..unite! practice!

unity is an obligation for us, no time to waste~


atiqahmohammadkhuzaini said...

bestnye duha cte nih!!!
kne jd daie,no matter

Al-Tuah Al-Shahab said...

mana baca ek cite ni?
mcm pnah baca je lama dulu...
ada satu fenomena yg hanya org berucap je prasan, berlaku terutamanya masa khutbah jmaat,
klu org org paling hujung dlm 1 saf menguap maka satu saf tu paling kurang half of it akan mnguap,
yg bestnye ikut urutan, xmelangkah lgsg!
ada kena mengena ke dgn crite ni?

p/s:adakah permohonan ampun org 'ni' diterima? nak exam dah ni,hihi

duha said...

atiqah-jzkk :)

yup..jadi da'ie no matter what..btul tu..nk tak nak, tanggungjawab tu dah tergalas atas bahu kita..nt ape kbr ek kt sane? tetibe rindu..ehhe~

duha said...

Tuah-wlkmslm..erm..tah laa..ade kaitan ke? nak kate jemaah dalam menguap ke? takpela..yg penting..ape yg dpt dr komen nih..kalau solat jumaat jgn dok ujung2..dok tgh n depan bia boleh fokus sket.. :D

p/s:rase2 patut diterime ke? maaf senang..lupa susah..hurm~ lengkali berhati-hati la..slmt exam la ye..